Gardening Tips

The best time to prune roses is when they are dormant and not flowering. Traditionally roses are pruned before new growth has begun around February 14th.

Pruning Roses

Cucumbers are tough to grow in the fall, as they require warm temperatures, but they can be planted as late as July and the first part of August in Fort Bend County for fall harvesting.

Planting Cucumbers

A lemon tree that is producing well but has curling leaves with pale markings that look like “trails” more that likely may have Leaf Miners.

Lemon Tree

Trees such as Ash can be pruned in mid-late February ideally after last frost, if no frost, then in mid-late February. Do not prune flowering trees until they have completed flowering cycle.

Ash Tree

Seed Potatoes can be planted in the fall in Fort Bend County, but you may have a hard time finding them! Do not use potatoes from the grocery store. Potatoes are a cool season crop, but the tops must be protected from frost. Check with local specialty nurseries or feed stores for availability.

Potato Seeds